Our Projects

Welcome to our campaigning pages, where we share the issues and projects Natracare are involved with. There are environmental and social improvement campaigns as well as green projects to motivate and inspire you.

We believe that by supporting campaigns like these we are acting as responsible citizens, helping to provide the opportunity for conservation and social improvement projects to take place – and also to share the excitement and educational benefits with you on these pages.

Project Green Challenge


Natracare has teamed up with youth led non-profit Teens Turning Green to build a powerful, diverse, and far-reaching movement during the 30 days of October with Project Green Challenge.

We’re proud to be powering change

From October 1st – 30th 2014, students across the USA are taking on one challenge a day, each focused on a specific action aimed at inspiring a transition from conventional to conscious, taking small steps to help sustain a healthy and just world.

Latest Project Updates

Safe School Sanitation


Having a period isn’t a big deal, but it’s a different story for the girls in Tajikistan, where due to the astoundingly poor sanitary conditions of the toilets they are prevented from attending school – missing out on their education as a result.

Natracare is providing support funding for Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) to build safe and sustainable school toilets, train mentors and advisors, provide hygiene and health training for children, and health/rights training for girls.

Latest Project Updates

African Painted Dogs


Natracare is proudly supporting this vital project on the endangered African wild dogs, or Painted dogs. The project is based in Tembe Elephant Park and focuses on the movements of the painted dogs in relation to the lion population, as well as their impact on both tourism and biodiversity. The goal is to quantify and qualify the importance of the painted dogs in the ecosystem, their habitat selection in Tembe Elephant Park, their prey preferences, the role they play in tourism and to initiate further studies, particularly on the endangered suni – a 30cm tall antelope endemic to the sand forest – which we need to find out if the painted dogs are predating on or not!

Endangered Species

Painted dogs are the second most endangered carnivore in Africa. Today it is estimated that only around 5,700 remain in most likely only six of the 34 countries they once occurred.

Latest Project Updates

Student Food Co-ops


Ever wished you could get access to good, ethical food cheaply right on your own campus? Well now you can. People & Planet and Natracare have teamed up to provide support, resources and grants of up to £200 to help set up a Student Food Co-op project at your university.

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Gromit Unleashed!


A new ground-breaking public art exhibition to raise funds for Bristol Children’s Hospital charity, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal. Natracare sponsored a Gromit to be designed by Raymond Briggs, the artist we all know and love for The Snowman, Fungus the Bogeyman, Father Christmas and many more. The art trail took place over ten weeks in Bristol, UK and featured 70 giant Gromit sculptures which were auctioned after the event for the charity.

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